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ALEXANDRA SHULMAN: We love TV female cops to be tough yet vulnerable

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

Unless our politics can find some kind of order it strikes me that when we finally have the much speculated-on General Election, a worryingly low number of people will think it worth their while turning out to engage in what used to be one of the great democracies but is now a totally out-of-control playground.

Members who create these ‘Condo’ parties described themselves as longtime Roblox players who got into condos for the thrill, fame, and money involved. Hacking gives users prestige and users can sell in-game administrative privileges such as allowing a player to fly and teleport or manipulate other users’ avatars.

When actor Jameela Jamil was announced as the show’s host and one of the judges many wondered why a cisgender woman with zero background in ballroom culture was hired over a well-known trans woman and mother of a ballroom house Trace Lysette. Controversy aside, the show is a fun introduction to the drama and excitement of ballroom. If you want learn more about ballroom history, watch the documentaries Paris is Burning and Kiki.  Legendary hasn’t been without some controversy.

It implies that anyone not actually calling themselves an activist is lolling around complacently unaware that they could be saving the world in some way whereas in reality there are thousands of people achieving remarkable things who wouldn’t go near the description.

Drag queen royalty RuPaul makes wearing wigs, false eyelashes, sequined gowns, and high heels into an extreme sport with popular reality show RuPaul’s Drag Race. Watch new and legendary drag queens from all backgrounds battle it out for the crown as they compete in costume, acting, dancing and performing challenges, which always end in them lip syncing for their lives. The series is more than drama and dance trauma, however. It also celebrates friendship, as well as some very moving moments of self-discovery and hard work it takes to be a successful drag queen. 

One sister is on the autism spectrum and the other sister has anger issues, which often means plenty of cringe-worthy but honest socially awkward moments that make Everything’s Gonna Be Okay so much fun to watch. Neurotic gay 20-something Nicholas becomes the guardian to his two younger teenage sisters after their father passes away from cancer.

In this case one avatar appears to be soliciting explicit content despite claiming to be 14  Now Roblox is facing scrutiny for hidden dangers in the online game after hackers created zones that block child safety filters and allow avatars to roam naked and simulate sex movements.

In the thriller Last Ferry, a young, inexperienced gay lawyer travels to Fire Island in the off-season looking for romance and friendship, but instead finds himself in trouble after witnessing a murder. This intriguing thriller has plenty of twists and turns all the way to the surprising end. 

Blame the weather – at least it’s reliably wrong. Just blame the weather Is there anything more British than the National Trust, which last week attributed lower annual visitor income on the combination of too much sunshine and too much rain?

It’s a romance between two girls with very different views on how they view their own sexual identities. French teenager Adele seems to be boy-crazy, but when a mysterious blue-haired university student named Emma enters her life, everything changes. Emma is out as a lesbian, whereas Adele prefers to keep her sexuality a secret.  The film is notorious for its graphic lesbian sex scenes, but Blue is the Warmest Color is more than that.

Season 1 of this Amazon Prime Video original series has Julia Roberts playing a conflicted counselor who falls for a soldier she’s helping to forget his painful past. But it’s season 2 of Homecoming finally shows its queer side. Janelle Monáe plays the lead as a woman who temporarily loses her memory and spends the entire season trying to remember why she woke up on a boat floating in the middle of a lake. She eventually discovers that she has a long-term relationship with another woman who may or may not be the cause of her memory loss.

Fast-forward to Gillian Anderson’s Detective Superintendent in the BBC’s The Fall, who, though equally ball-busting, was allowed to slither around in a miasma of sensuality with silky blouses and figure-hugging skirts mirroring her suggestively slow vowels.

In a Roblox game entitled ‘Haha ~~ ;) ’ a party house created by a group known as The Cons created a sex den that showcased an array of sex toys, private rooms upstairs furnished only with beds, and in the basement a torch-lit sex dungeon.

CEO and co-creator David Baszucki: ‘We want kids to have an opportunity for free play. and create together, build together, and in many cases, learn together’ Roblox allows them to get together, make their own rules, go together wherever they might want .

Feel Good features Canadian stand-up comedian Mae Martin reflects on life, love and sobriety in this semi-fictitious drama. We see her struggle with addiction, as well as her romance with a woman named George who has never been with another woman before.