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Monday, July 15th, 2019

It is not easy asking a man who has lost 12 members of his family, including aunts and uncles, how he is coping, particularly when the same ferry disaster also cost the lives of many of his friends and more than 1,000 compatriots.
Aliou Cissé answers with astonishing sang-froid. Only when the Birmingham City midfielder describes his trip back to Senegal, where two weeks ago he played in a friendly international against Nigeria to raise money for the families of the victims, does his voice betray emotion.
“It has been – it is difficult, right up until now when I am talking to you,” Cissé said. “When you lose 12 people from your family it’s not easy. It’s not easy.
“Life is like that. I am a believer, and I think it was meant to happen like this. The week in Senegal before the Nigeria game was so hard, though. I couldn’t sleep. Maybe I have a character that allows me to deal with certain things, but around me were tears. Around me was deep unhappiness.”
Cissé’s strength of character is a pulsing reality. After Le Joola sank magliette calcio poco prezzo off the west African coast he kept quiet about his loss for almost a week, turning up to Birmingham’s training sessions with a smile on his face, to “protect the group from my state of mind.
“That week I kept it all to myself, and we won [against West Ham], and I think that really made an impact on the fans.”
Those fans are now doing their upmost to treat their new hero with the same respect: for today’s visit of Manchester City they will display a giant Senegal flag, and next week, when Bolton are visitors to St Andrews, there will be a collection for the victims’ families.
“What they are going to do [today], I don’t want to say anything about it other than thank you, thank you so much,” Cissé says.
“The people close to me have helped me a lot, but Birmingham has too. The players have helped a lot by staying close to me, by talking to me. Steve Bruce and his assistants were really there for me, and what the supporters are doing and have done has moved me.”
It seems as if in the four short months after Cissé leapt to everyone’s attention with a series of masterful displays while captaining his country at the World Cup, a surprisingly deep tissue of affection has been knitted between the former Paris St-Germain midfielder and his new club.
Cissé has convinced everyone of his worth both on and off the pitch, and the feeling is mutual.
He has nothing but praise for the team manager, Bruce – “a winner, so we have the same temperament” – and the fans who chanted his name after 10 minutes of his debut against Arsenal. “It made my heart go warm, I got a crazy amount of pleasure out of it.”
But Cissé has not thoroughly succumbed to a blue-tinted view. But as befits a man who has played at PSG, he is aware of his current side’s shortcomings. “We mustn’t forget that this will be a very, very difficult year for Birmingham,” he says.
“I think in terms of experience and even in terms of the team itself, we are a little bit below the other Premier League teams. But maglie calcio with the desire we have and the tactics the coach gives us, we manage to be a team that is very difficult to manoeuvre, that is very dif ficult to play against. If we manage to save ourselves this year, I think that the years to come will be much happier ones for Birmingham.”
These last few weeks have been anything but happy yet Cissé chose to return to play today, even after Bruce had given him indefinite leave. His explanation is simple: “I didn’t want to be alone. When I get back home, I am really unhappy. I am not good, because I am cut off from the rest of the world.
“It’s not easy. I said to myself I couldn’t stay there, alone. I had to be here, where I could run, train, meet people. I really had to get out of the house, and where could I go? The stadium was the obvious choice.”
Today, when Cissé and his support act take on Manchester City in that stadium he will receive an ovation that will, if only for an instant, warm his heart once more.

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Tuesday, May 7th, 2019

magliette calcioCatharine maglie Calcio poco prezzo LatashaB
Una dichiarazione sul sito ufficiale di Atletico ha letto: ‘Atletico de Madrid e Benfica hanno raggiunto un accordo per il trasferimento di Nicolas Gaitan al nostro club. L’azzurro è quello delle grandi occasioni, abbinato a strisce nere verticali asimmetriche che rivoluzionano ancora una volta il template scelto per i nerazzurri nelle ultime stagioni. È tornato pochi giorni fa ed era davvero eccitato. Per lui è stato un ottimo momento della sua carriera, avendo già avuto una vera esperienza al Bayern, allo Stoke, all’Inter. L’Arsenal è stato inferto un duro colpo nella loro ricerca di Mauro Icardi, presa reports.Italian Secondo la Gazzetta dello Sport sostiene Napoli hanno aperto i colloqui con i rappresentanti del Inter in avanti in prima maglia arsenal cui guardare per sostituire l’apparentemente Juventus-bound Gonzalo Higuain.

Arsene Wenger ha stato strettamente collegato con un movimento per il 23-year-old come egli guarda a firmare un attaccante in terza maglia arsenal grado di fornire la concorrenza per Olivier Giroud al Emirates.Icardi s moglie e agente Wanda era riferito a Londra Mercoledì scorso per Seconda Maglia Arsenal discutere di un accordo per il suo cliente , Aiutare Vendita Magliette Del Manchester United Smalling a la polizia Ealing Calcio Maglie una vendita Manchester caccia uniti in vendita Calcio rintracciare Maglie Maglie Calcio 2019 Shop Online QUESTI manchester Criminali Manchester United vendita Stati Maglie ricercati Jose Mourinho Vendita e Maglie manchester united impostato per altro un Terza Maglia Smalling Del Manchester United run-in con le terza Maglia Manchester United 2017 italia Autorità del Terza Maglia Manchester United 2017 Italia Calcio – terza Maglia Manchester United 2017 e altrettanto maschio terza Maglia Manchester United 2016 – La Minaccia in Terza Maglia Manchester United Smalling Perdita stemma di un altro giocatore 2017 manchester united Manchester United 2017 stemma chiave per tre Partite.

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