Discussions on Killing Killer Bee Swarms in Flight

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fun bug for saleTo diminish or kill a killer bee swarm in-flight as it’s attempting to attack a man you’ve to be careful not to kill the man. And you have to understand just how insect swarms fly. And so an internet think tank started discussing this subject at length. How can these swarms stay aloft? And what varieties of airflows and fun bug facts meme (you could check here) aerodynamics does the team use?
A think tank member states; “You brought up the notion again about the character of the swarm as a feature of air motion or perhaps air flow relative to the center of the swarm.”
Effectively think about a Helicopter will circular airflows away from the rotor cutting blades. Air hits ground and they have nowhere to go bunches up and the helicopter takes off as it pushes of the environment it bunches up underneath the self of its.
Next we need to look at the wing layouts of the insects, is there a way to disrupt the airflow over the wings? Take it away or result in the swarm to crash land? Properly in that regard then this is of interest too on the topic of wing design; Next we need to take into account the airflows as well as , Insect wing efficiencies. What else have researchers discovered on this particular subject? You’ll find good white papers on these things.
Once we learn all we can about the insects and the way they fly and the way the swarm of theirs operates today we look for insecure weaknesses in the phone system of theirs to disrupt them and thus prevent them from killing humans. And so, right now the think tank can look into this in 2006.

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