Probiotics – Can they Really Supply you with a Sexy Body?

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People spend a great deal of money to look great and attract others.
We’ve become a culture obsessed with the way we look, typically at the expense of how we feel. Do we really understand the long run affects of a surgical procedure, Botox, fillers or liposuction? How about those little “blue pills” that men take? In the short-term, you may look as well as feel more youthful, biofit alpha burn –, but have you thought about in the future? What exactly are these pills and procedures doing for your total health? Like the majority of western medicine, they treat the symptom, not the root of the condition! You are able to spend a lot of money to look today that is good, but can you look unnatural and unhealthy tomorrow? Not to mention exactly how you’ll feel in the long run.

A proper body looks young physically and visually.
That’s such a simple concept, but people forget that and would like to cover up the age of theirs cosmetically, rather than coming from the inside out. Your gut is related to virtually every aspect of your health including cognitive functioning and heart. Both are key to feeling & looking youthful. A healthy gut can also help keep the skin of yours hydrated to lessen the looks of wrinkles. Plus, feeling good helps you feel sexy!
Move over mice-it’s our turn!
Don’t want to put money into a manmade sexier body? Study indicates that probiotics enhance sexual appeal and performance. Although preliminary studies were completed on mice, they’re very fascinating. The study was supposed to relate probiotics as well as weight loss-which it did. Right now there was an extra benefit however; male mice had bigger sex organs and also inseminated the mates of theirs quicker. Women had more offspring and took better proper care of their babies! (Of course they took better care of their babies they felt better.) Plus mice fur was fuller which makes them even more appealing. All this was just from eating a probiotic enriched yogurt! Harvard researchers are placing this investigation to humans and initial results are positive.
Are probiotics as wonderful as they sound?
Indeed, they’re and it’s the same for fermented foods. It certain looks like science IS proving what our ancestors knew long ago-fermented foods are beneficial to our health. Here’s a partial list of what probiotics found in fermented/cultured foods have been shown to accomplish:

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