OTC Sleep Aids – five Real Explanations why They’re Popular

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Prescription sleeping medication as Rozerem seems promising without the issues of dependence and rebound insomnia. Nonetheless, individuals consistently search to OTC sleep aids as alternatives. These might not boast a similar effectiveness as prescription sleeping medication as well as their hangover side effects are infamous. Here are the five actual reasons observed precisely why OTC sleep aids are still popular.
1. It is convenient. That is evident. The most used people are the antihistamines that have FDA’s approval to be used as OTC sleep aids so that you do not have to get a doctors’ prescription. It’s an established fact today that getting the transcient or occasional insomnia as a result of work or perhaps lifestyle circumstances is typical. OTC sleep aids are recognized to be helpful in this sort of scenarios. The one issue is the fact that several individuals might begin to depend on them using habit and take them extended instead.
It’s possible.
2. There are less surprises. These antihistamines have existed for a while, much longer than the popular prescription sleeping medications like Ambien and Lunesta. Antihistamines are decades old while non-benzodiazepines like Ambien emerged in the 1990s. Hence, the chances of unfamiliar dangerous side effects is significantly lower for antihistamine OTC sleep aids.
There are less surprises.
As it’s, doctors are generally suspicious of new sleeping medications that have not stood the test of time. This’s one of the two major objections from prescribers that any drug company faces when advertising a new medication. Painful instructions have been learnt along with the withdrawal of medications as Vioxx, the painkiller and Avandia for diabetic issues.
It must be noted however that supplement OTC sleep aids differ from antihistamines. Supplements do not need FDA approval as non-prescription sleep aids and hence, long term security have not been documented all along.
3. The lesser evil. The side effects of OTC sleep aids are deemed the decreased evil. Many people put up with the infamous hangover unwanted effect or perhaps have simply modified the way they consider the OTC sleep aids e.g. smaller doses or just sleep longer and earlier. Granted these hangovers along with other related side effects may be extreme for many people. Nevertheless, following day drowsiness seems much less bizarre than unconsciously sleepwalking on prescription sleeping medications. FDA has recently necessary that more potent alerts have been put into sleeping medications’ product labels about these side effects which can be life threatening.
The lesser evil.
4. Cheaper than a can of coke. An OTC sleep aid bills merely 30-40 cents compared to Lunesta at $3-$four a tab. Consumers are happy to resolve the sleeplessness of theirs at lower price and lower risks. Expense is , obviously , a major metaboost connection (www.laweekly.com) deciding factor if the extra advantages of prescription sleeping medication don’t measure up to the cost difference.
Less expensive than a can of coke.
5. Instant lifestyle. Change is constant and quickly because of this sleepless 24/7 generation. We want both instant gratification and instant ways for our stress filled lives. OTC sleep aids are readily pocketed along with our Blackberrys and Ipods.
Immediate lifestyle.

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