Best Sleep Aids – The 3 Best Sleep Aids

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I have struggled with sleep for nearly all of my life. In my opinion I was around 10 when I first recognized that sleep just did not come easy for me. Since that time, I have made a point to learn almost everything that I can about things that could help me rest much better.

I must confess that I’ve also tried prescription drugs. Even though they were a bit useful, I never enjoyed the idea of getting hooked on prescription sleep aids. Furthermore, virtually all of the precious time I woke up feeling a bit “hungover”. That is the reason I started searching for natural sleep aids. The three best sleep aids that I have found are Valerian, Melatonin and 5-HTP.

best sleep aids

I also stumbled on one sleep aid which you absolutely don’t wish to try – a lot more on that later.


Valerian is a mild sedative that’s particularly effective in helping those with nervous tension and insomnia fall and remain asleep. It has been used as a sleep aid since the days of Ancient Greece. On the list of crucial benefits is that Valerian has been found to be non addictive. Scientific studies show that Valerian is, actually, a beneficial treatment for insomnia.


Melatonin is a hormone that induces sleep that occurs naturally in the bodies of ours. Melatonin levels are very low throughout the day after which increase in the evening as it gets to be darker. As we get older, melatonin levels decrease. For this reason, melatonin is an especially good sleep aid for older individuals. Melatonin can additionally help some time the sleep/wake cycles have been disturbed. For instance, metaboost connection meal plan pdf (simply click the next internet site) many men and women take melatonin to fight jet lag.



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