Tempeh – The Super Healthy Probiotics Food

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If perhaps you’re a person who worries regarding health, food that is healthy must be in your family’s daily menu. For one’s modern menu, why don’t you fix your family’s meals delectable with probiotics contents and also have numerous health advantages to greatly reduce cancer risk, good for diabetic diet programs, lower cholesterol, boost immune system, and perhaps aid weight loss program?’ Happens to be there one single meal which have all those benefits?’ Yes, that is tempeh, a traditional meal composed of fermented soybean!
In my country, Indonesia, tempeh has long been the conventional meal of ours from maybe hundreds of years ago. We are able to discover tempeh in nearly all markets, maybe even in small villages. Tempeh has been a part of our life. Whether we cook for everyday meals (served with rice), and when we’ve a fine dining in restaurants, we can always get tempeh. It’s because tempeh can be processed into many delicious foods. But not as the majority of its health advantages!

Tempeh is just one of many probiotics food sources. Rhizopus Oligosporus, good bacteria contained in tempeh, produces natural antibiotic that prevents some harmful bacteria. Rhyzopus also can improve your intestinal digestion health, and also your skin health, from atopic dermatitis, cellulitis, pimples, etc. On the other hand, the fermentation process that change whole soybeans into tempeh, creates an enzyme called phytase. This particular enzyme can fail phytate acid, and thus increase body absorption of minerals like zinc, calcium, and iron. Great news for you that have anemia, as tempeh is claimed of getting 4mg iron/100 gram!


intestinal digestion

skin health


Higher Protein – Low Calories Tempeh, getting processed from soya beans, gets to be a higher protein food, possibly highest among other plant foods. Daily intake of 166 gram tempeh contributes around 60 % of the protein of ours daily needs. With the fact that tempeh has less than 329 calories, it is safe to think that tempeh can be the ideal choice of yours of food that is healthy!

High Protein – Calories that are Low

high protein
As a plant protein source, tempeh is able to provide diet which is healthy for diabetes mellitus patient too. Diabetic people are able to use tempeh as an alternative of animal protein foods like milk and meat.

diabetes mellitus

You now are able to get several nutritious benefits of isoflavone from tempeh, which is including :
· Improve bone mineral content, reduce the danger of osteoporosis
· Antioxidant to fight free radical that cause cancer
· Lower cholesterol (lower LDL as well as increase HDL)
· Lower cardiovascular disease risk
· Relieve menopause symptoms


High Fiber
The high fiber content of soybeans that is in tempeh what is gobiofit diet able to help diabetic affected person to control sugar level in the bloodstream of theirs. It is able to likewise prevent cancer of the colon, improve kidney health by replacing animal protein to soy, and prevent diarrhea of children.

Top- positive many meanings- Fiber

colon cancer



Increase Immune System & Health The amino acids can improve the superiority of tempeh in improving immune system. Tempeh is likewise a crucial supply of vitamin B12, which vegetarians can use to replace meat, and a great source of calcium.

Increase Immune Health and System

vitamin B12


low Calorie & Low Carbohydrate

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