7 Things You Need To Know About HIFU

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The very first question you might ask would probably be “what is HIFU?”. HIFU is actually an acronym for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This treatment helps to firm and lift ageing skin by using ultrasound.

Here are 7 things you need to know about HIFU treatment before diving into it. Do the research and find out if this treatment is suitable for you.

HIFU may not be appropriate for everyone. If your skin is too young for the treatment, you might not see any changes to your skin. In essence, it’s unnecessary and invest your money in other beauty necessities instead, such as these 5 skincare tips I’ve shared previously.

Everyone faces ageing and as we age, our skin lose elasticity and firmness. With gravity, our daily stressful lives, not resting or eating a balance diet contribute to further loss of firmness to our skin.

When you apply your daily skincare, touch your face, especially on the cheek area. If you feel that it is not as bouncy and perky as it used to be during your younger age, then it’s probably time to look into the benefits of HIFU treatments.

Also, some face shapes might not be suitable to undertake a HIFU treatment. The best way to know if your skin needs it or able to go through a HIFU treatment, is to get a consultation from a doctor.

I believe that in the long run, HIFU would be more beneficial to me.

Basically, this machine uses ultrasound to firm and lift your skin from within. It is meant for those who prefer the non-surgical method of tightening and lifting the skin.

I am one who is very afraid of needles and to go under a knife. To be honest, I’ve actually tried BOTOX. I observed that it lasted about 6 months. My chin was so smooth and there were no fine lines AT ALL around my eyes.

After 6 months, the dimple on my chin came back and so did the lines. I was wondering if I should continue with BOTOX and that’s when I discovered about HIFU! I believe that in the long run, HIFU would be more beneficial to me.


The answer is yes. The difference lies with the machine and the person handling the machine. There are many types of machines out there that can perform a HIFU treatment but not all are created the same.

At ME Aesthetic Clinic, they use a machine called the Ultraformer III – a 3rd Generation HIFU machine. Let me use a layman term to explain the power of this machine. What is does is basically send ultrasound waves into the targeted area of your skin. These waves penetrates into the skin as deep as 4.5mm. Our skin generally produces less collagen as we age, hence less bouncy and perky.

When the ultrasound waves causes inflammation on our skin tissue, these inflamed tissue will send a signal to our collagen to let it know that the skin needs repairing and healing. Hence, with the help of Ultraformer HIFU machine’s energy penetrating into the skin, it helps our internal collagen to boost up the speed to heal and repair our inflamed tissue. Through the regeneration process of collagen, it helps the skin to firm and tighten, thus eliminate the wrinkles.

Ultraformer III not only helps to firm and tighten the skin, but it also helps with contouring, such as eliminating double chin and tightening the neck by reducing neck lines.

Have a look on what went on during a Hifu session.
You have to do your research to find out if that machine is safe and the doctor’s or practitioner’s knowledge is sufficient to handle the machine. DO NOT sign up for HIFU treatments at just any clinic or salon. The person handling this ultrasound machine has to go through a course and be certified before performing the treatments.

My go-to HIFU treatments or any laser treatment is always Me Aesthetic Clinic. I’ve previously shared a few reason why I would always go back to them. Me Aesthetic Clinic is safe and the doctors are very professional. I’ve seen much results from going through laser treatments there. The thing that top the list from HIFU treatment is that there is no recovery time.

It really depends on your skin. For some, they might see a slower respond from the skin initially, but as months pass, the positive result starts creeping up. Dr. David from ME Aesthetic Clinic did advise me that usually one can progressively see results up to 4 months but some up to 6 months. As for me, I’m only a month down the HIFU journey and I can still feel the positive effect.

From my experience, my skin’s elasticity improved week after week. I can pretty much see an immediate result in a week’s time. My laughing lines are diminishing. Now, a month later, I see the best results with my cheeks, the elasticity is performing at it’s optimum level.

On the day after the treatment and the following day, my jawline and cheek felt some soreness. It’s like how my calves feel after a major workout session. In fact, HIFU treatment is like a major workout for your collagen. It wakes it up to make it work hard to reform your youth.

Since the ultrasound beams are focused on a specific area/tissue below the skin’s surface, there are no damages done on the upper layer of the skin. You might see some redness on your skin due to the heat or some swelling, but it will subside rapidly.

The only side effect would probably be the addiction to HIFU treatments, once you see your youth return.

I’m sure you would be using anti-aging range products if you’re interested in the HIFU treatment. Your doctor or practitioner would probably recommend some suitable anti-aging products for your skin and to keep the elasticity going strong.

As for me, I’ve been using these skincare products for my morning and night routines. I like the results on my skin and there’s no bad reaction so far. No matter what, do use good anti-aging range products to see optimum results, along with your HIFU treatments. You’ve invested time and money into making your skin looks good and healthy and you should maintain it well.

The only side effect would probably be the addiction to HIFU treatments, once you see your youth return.

If you’re looking for a safe, quick, non-invasive procedure to tighten and lift your skin, HIFU is the best option compared to facelift and fillers. It may not be for everyone, so make sure you get a consultation from the right doctor or practitioner to assist you.


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