Our work philosophy

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The arrival of the Internet to our homes has made us more universal. We have access to any information from anywhere on the planet. What’s in the news right now in Uruguay can also be in the news right now in our homes just by accessing our computer and connecting to the Internet. Faced with this new situation, the local and regional press acquires a new nuance that makes it more necessary and more particular.

It seems that only the national or international matters matter. But in this context, the regional and local press become original and necessary actors. They allow us to know what is closest to us without giving up news of any kind (national or international). And, in many cases, the user-recipient keeps asking for this kind of information, the one that is close to him.

Therefore, we see the growing development of the Internet as compatible with local and regional content and, moreover, I believe that the latter should be the main feature to gain customers for this type of digital newspaper.

In summary, once our philosophy has been explained, it is worth noting that from our online information portal we will try to offer all the latest news without any kind of censorship (click here), so that the truth is accessible to everyone.


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