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The U.S has a significant trade relationship with CHINA.

<img src="" alt="finding great online poker games is good as long as you can” style=”max-width:420px;float:right;padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;border:0px;”>What is the diffrances between china and England related to the internet?
the diffrance between china and England is they are a bigger country to us and they have the biggest popolation then us

Are any us weapons made in china?
in the related links box below, I posted the information.

Why does China have a better economy than the US?
China doesnt have a better economy then the US. If the US stoped buying from China, China would fall apart.

How are China and Taiwan related?
Taiwan broke from China after WWII.

Is china biger than the US?
China is biger then US

Is the panda related to China?
The giant panda comes from China. It lives in the south east of China and central China.

If it is summer in the US is it winter in china?
No it is summer in China as well as both the US and China are in the northern hemisphere.

Why did US and US have interests in China?
China is a great business partner.

Who is the Ambassador to the US for China?
Cui Tiankai is the Ambassador to the US for China.

A map of China?
See the related links below for maps of China.

How are Hong Kong and Tibet related to China?
They are under the control of China.

Does the US have a trade surplus or a trade deficit with China?
The US has a trade deficit with China. That means China sends the US goods worth worth more money than those the US sends China.

Is the US richer than China?
No, China is richer than the US because China has a much better economy.

How many are killed in traffic in the us each year?
not sure but i do know that in china 666 people die daily from car related accidents

What is larger the US or China?
China is smaller than the US by about 257,000 km2

Why is China trying to overpower the US?
Because the US is trying to overpower China

Will the US go to war with China?
not likely. the US is in deep debt to China at this time and I don’t think China wants to lose their funds within the US

Is dgk manufactured in china or us?
i dont know what dgk is you need to spell correctly and is china or us a china store

Would china or the us win a war?
China has sheer numbers. You decide. [China because the US relies on China economically and for their military, since the US uses the money China give them to buy military weapons, and they buy weapons from them.]

Is The Great Wall of China in the US?
NO! The Great Wall of CHINA is in CHINA

Which of these countries was most related japan Italy Soviet Union or china?
which of these countries was most related japan ,italy,soviet union,or china

What is a product grown in China used in the US?
Rice is grown in China and used in the US.

Is China bigger or America?
China is bigger but if you include Alaska with the US the US is bigger.

How are China and the US laws different?
in china there laws are in chinease us laws are in English

What percentage of goods from the US imported from china?
40% of goods are imported from China to US

Does the US have more troops than china?
No, China has more troops than the US.

Why did the US trade things with china?
the us wanted things that china had so they traded

Does the us import beef from china?
No, us beef imports from China was suspended in 2003

Is china smaller or larger than the US?
China is larger in terms of population, but not area. The US is about 100,000 km larger than China, but China has about 4x the population.

Where can you find great photos of China?
You can find China photos on the sites in related links.

What is the name for study of Chinese culture?
‘Sinology’ is the study of China and things related to China.

Which country is bigger china or US?
The US is larger by about 257,000 km2 (this is disputed, many sources claim that China is bigger.) By population, judi ceme online China is far bigger than the US.

What season is it in China?
it is fall in china same as it is in the us

What is the currency of china and US of America?
what is the currency of china

Population of china and the US?
china 1,336,718,015 (2011 estimate) US 310,953,000 (2011 estimate)

Washington D.C. it to US as blank is the china?
Washington D.C. is to US as Beijing is to China

How many times larger is China than the US?
Actually, China and the US are about the same size.

US and China outsource?
Both China and US are among the world’s outsourcing destination list.

Why is every thing in US made you china?
Because China made these products and the US shipped them

Who will win the war between US and china?
The US and China are not at war so this question is unanswerable.

What was the first us entertainment show to be shown in china?
what was the us entertaiment show to be shown in china

How can you see where the US and China are closest together?
The US and China do not meet at any point on the map.

How is the panda related to China?
They are second cousins

How would win us or china?
The US will not go to war with China for the simple reason they fear them. China is a smart country, give them points for that. China knows how and where to make its plays. The US doesn’t have the military or political power to fight China. The US is a very war experienced country and is trained in fighting long bloody wars as long as the citizens like the wars caused. The US donesn’t…

Is Beijing a north or south china province?
Beijing is located in northern China. You can click the related link below to find the information and related maps about Beijing.

What is the Great Wall of China called in China?
Wànlǐ Chángchéng.. see related link for more.

How the great china wall is related to the nature?
It is not related at all. It is a man made object.

What is the relationship and importance of China to the US?
The relationship between the US and the Peoples Republic of China is one of being good trading partners with each other. US companies contract with Chinese companies to produce US products in China. The favorable worker wages in China allows for US companies to sell their products made in China, such as computers to a worldwide market base. On the diplomatic side, the peace between the US and China helps keep stability in the Far…

Approximately What longitudes go through both China and the US?
There is no longitude at which both China and the US have territory.

How does China impact US economy?
Is China a Threat to the U.S.?

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